13 Jul 2010

I'm back!

After a very long and very hot and sticky drive home from Lake Annecy we finally arrived home on Saturday at 10pm. We had left Lake Annecy at ten in the morning on Friday, drove two hundred and fifty miles to Goncourt to stay the night on an Aires du Camping Cars and then left there at eight in the morning on Saturday to complete the further five hundred odd miles home. It was worth the drive though as Annecy is a beautiful place, especially for camping and chilling out. Here's a few photos which I hope you'll enjoy.

The first three of these pictures were taken just three to five minutes (at most)walk from where we were camping. We took Tilly here to cool off in the water, most days.

These two pictures were taken high up in the mountains on the opposite side of the Lake to where we were staying....up hill driving the motorhome in first and second gear only. The view was truly stunning. This is a place where people come to jump off the mountain with a tiny para-glider above them! It's free to jump from here and they even provide a free bus service for the jumpers too. World class para-gliders come to Lake Annecy as it's one of the best places in the World to par take in the sport.....I had a long chat with a female jumper from Belgium.
You can see part of the the green mat which the jumpers set their gliders up on and then they go, just when they feel it's right to do so.

A few shots of Tilly enjoying her holiday....she coped well with the heat but she had to catch up on her sleep when she could as we kept her busy.

This was us (below)set up on the first pitch of choice where we stayed for two weeks but the late afternoon sun was right opposite and unbearable for the evening and so we moved to the shade under the trees as soon as someone left. So the next picture is the second pitch we had for the last week.


  1. It looks beautiful, and as you say, well worth the drive. A nice long break for you, I hope you have come back feeling refreshed and renewed.
    Joy xx

  2. Wow ! What a holiday you all had. Lovely weather , lovely views. Tilly looks like she had a great time too !!

  3. What is that little grey tent for Rachael.....don't bother to answer, I think I can guess!!
    Welcome back.

  4. It's not what you're thinking! LOL It's a utilty tent and we keep our bicylces and the Doggy Ride trailer in it.

  5. Haha, Jean you beat me to it, until I looked closer. Good idea. Its looks a lovely place. Gorgeous pictures. xx


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