10 Jun 2010

Creative Connections

I have been a member of Creative Connections since the beginning but until very recently I haven't had the time to explore the site and see what it is all about. We all know what it's like what with Blogging, etsy forums, Folksy forums, MISI forums, Face Book fan pages etc, etc, etc and then there's looking after yourself, a family, a job maybe and finally a bit of time to create! I am just getting used to navigating my way around it now...well better late than never. A number of people have signed up to it but sadly they don't seem to be using it very frequently. This is a pity as it's a very useful tool.We have the ability to show photographs of our work and then easily promote them via FB and Twitter amongst others and of course we can view each others work directly and leave comments on it. There are a number of Forums too with several discussions under-way or a new discussion can easily be started.If you are already registered on Creative Connections try dropping in a little more often and if you aren't already registered then go and take a look, it's great : )

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