29 Apr 2010


Yesterday I started to make some Bunting and today I finished it. Both are 3 meters in length. One is plain orange and a very pretty pale turquoise alternating flags and the other is just the patterned material.


  1. thats really lovely, rachael, is it for marianne? I shall be blogging tomorrow about pink sunflower and any other shop that raises money for charity. if you would like to be included please post on my topic in the misi forum
    joy xx

  2. like the idea for the hoops on the end, I always leave mine plain. Also do a similar stitch but it is zig zag made from smaller stitches, thanks for the hoop idea.
    Am sure to return to follow the blog again. Love it.

  3. Thanks greenlodge! With the hoops on the end, the bunting can either be hung directly with the hoops or string can be added to the hoops to extend the length (string or more bias tape, ribbon, cord etc)


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