5 Apr 2010

Bits, bits and more bits!

Bits of this and bits of that. Body parts mainly but this first picture is of some simple crocheted flowers I did yesterday. They will be used with a colourful wooden bead in the hole in the middle, and then strung on my 'String of Birds'.

All of the following is of knitting I have done over the past few weeks and months and not this weekend. I'm not a quick worker.
This second picture is the 'body parts' and scarf of a Giraffe waiting to be sewn together. The first one I made took me nine hours to sew, stuff and embroider the pattern on his body which is why i keep putting this job off. Has to be done sometime though!

This picture is of the body parts of a Dragon, again, waiting to be sewn together and stuffed. I took forever doing this the first time as I wanted the back legs to look just right and that is why this poor Dragon is still waiting.

Now these I did make recently, just during this past week in fact. They are the bodies of my natural tones birds. Next will be the beaks and eyes, sewn on by hand and the wings. The wings have yet to be cut out of felt and then individually hand embroidered but I hope to get them completed over the course of the next week to ten days. (Did I really just write that?)

A little Piggy needing a lot more love and a bit more time spent on him/ her.

A Puppy with just one more dangly leg, an arm, I spoilt the other whilst sewing it up : ( and a face to go! Plus another Puppy partly knitted

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