2 Mar 2010

Way too many projects on the go as usual. I have knitted three of Alan Darts 'Ada for Haiti' little animal and have yet to sew together and stuff, also one Donkey knitted and partly sewn together for the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon and another Donkey partly knitted. I'm planning on making them four altogether.
I need to get started this week on a Knit A Long project running (I'm running!) on Craft Forum UK and today I'll be photographing my Easter Baskets and making a simple drawstring bag for a customer.


  1. gorgeous easter baskets, where do you get all your ideas from?

  2. Thanks Joy!!From my head mainly : )I started with the baskets I bought and made a lot with Mice in them and then having had enough of Mice, made some chicks. I just decided to decorate them with lots of colour and 'pretty bits'.

  3. awww, they are supercute!


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