28 Mar 2010

Spent some time yesterday embroidering faces and feet on the Cat Bookmarks I've recently knitted. I also knitted four Pumpkins. These are for a project I won't be able to continue with until I source and then purchase the 4ply yarns I need. I'm just thinking ahead to the far end of this year to Craft Fairs and the busy selling season online. For anyone who isn't in the habit of 'planning ahead' you best make a start now or you will miss out on selling. So many people ask in the Etsy forums, anytime around October or November, "when do people start Christmas shopping?" or, "when will I get busy with Christmas sales?" The answer is that by then you have already missed the boat. Your shop needs to be ready by end of August as so many people window shop then and plan their purchases and many start shopping too. So get off the PC and pick up your Crafts!!


  1. ha, I've already planned some of my winter products, and I shall be starting on them 1st april - if I can force myself to put down the crochet hooks. you are right, I spend far too much time on here.

  2. Very True Rachel!!
    Twitter is the spawn of the devil!! I have given up cake and now have this as my addiction!


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