5 Feb 2010


This morning I woke at 3.30am and couldn't get back to sleep and so I got up at 4.30am and had my breakfast at 6.30am. Then I had a headache...just for a change. Regular readers will know that I have headaches almost on a daily basis. Anyway, I got all my household chores done by 9am and then dealt with morning emails etc. I had, had a sale on Misi and needed to attend to that and then I decided to go back to the knitting machine and try and fathom that. Well as you can see from the photos I did manage something it's not correct because for some reason I have a whole column of single beige stitches where I should have green ones! I had also dropped a stitch and so that was going to be another reason to frog it anyway. Still, I have now reminded myself of how to programme my machine....Heaven only knows if I still remember on Monday when I manage to get back to it! (Wait and see)
Why do I have a couple of pictures of my hedge you ask? Well because when my knitting went wrong and as I still had the headache I thought I'd go out into the garden to get some fresh air but I'm not one for just sitting in the garden, whatever time of year it is and so I spent two and a quarter hours laboriously reducing the height of my hedge. Well 'our hedge' but I seem to be only one capable of cutting the bloomin' thing. This is why it has got so high....I always trimmed the hedge, the height and the sides in our garden and then for our elderly neighbour on her side. That was until four Summers ago when I slipped a disc in my back. Since then I haven't cut it.. DH has been doing it but he won't cut the neighbours side and he didn't take much off the top as it was too much like hard work. Consequently it looks horrid and the branches near the top are so thick that I have had to saw them through today which is why it has taken me so long to do a short length of hedge. I'm hoping the weather will be good enough to do some more and hopefully finish it on Sunday. Again, wait and see.

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