15 Feb 2010

Special Order Knitters Pin

The lovely Jean from TalkingBeads ordered a custom made Knitters Pin to give her friend as a gift. Orange was requested as the colour appears in the knitting bag Jean was also giving her friend. Lucky friend!
Whilst I'm on the subject of Talking Beads I wanted to mention this new product Jean has made too. Not only very pretty and decorative but very useful too. A scissor keeper AND a pin cushion. Available in different colours.


  1. oh I really love those little knitters pins that you do. where do you get the miniature needles from?

  2. Thanks!I make the needles Joy.

  3. Hi Joy,
    I made the litle knitting needles from cocktail sticks and small wooden beads. I cut off one end of the cocktail stick and then glued on a flat ended bead, sanding it after it was dry.


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