10 Feb 2010

A little further forward

I have now reminded myself of how to programme my knitting machine and have knitted this, this afternoon. It's still not correct and this piece will be frogged tomorrow but I just wanted to have a 'run through' to make sure I remembered to switch the pattern over in the correct place, remember to change colour and remember to change tensions. All this remembering!! So tomorrow is D Day....I need to make two decent cat beds tomorrow,which is Thursday so that I can pin and block them over night and fill them and sew them up on Friday. Customer hoping to have them this coming Saturday!


  1. Looking good .... Best of luck for D Day !

  2. just a tip, to help with remembering, perhaps you could write yourself a work schedule, or if you are working from a pattern use highlighters to show you the things that need changing and when.
    you can do it, you know you can, self belief is the key.

  3. Thanks Joy. It's my pattern and I kept it in my head but yesterday when I knitted this 'run through' I had the sense to write it all down.


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