21 Feb 2010

Craft Sites useful for promoting your Crafts.

Someone asked in the MISI forums for a list of Craft Sites useful for promotion. This is a list of just a few I use. I hope they will be of use to others who may not yet of found them.
I use Flickr
A popular photo sharing site. Some excellent groups to join including a MISI group.
Craft Forums;
A popular site again, very useful source of information on everything from individual crafts to being self employed. Again, there are 'Social groups' to join in with and you can upload your photos to albums so others can see your work.
Dedicated Forums on many, many topics. Well worth belonging too IMO.
Craft Juice;
Here you upload images of your work to the site and write a short description...'story'. You can upload from your Misi shop, website, etsy shop, Flickr account etc. The photo uploaded to Craft Juice will link to theURL it came from and so if you have it linked to your MISI shop for example you'll probably see your shop views improve. You can VOTE on other peoples work on Craft Juice and leave comments too. It's an excellent way of gaining free exposure.
Another site where you can upload your photos and link back to you shop or website for free. People pick a category/ topic/ subject and then Stumble....they may just stumbleupon yor item!
Quote;Welcome to Luna Craft - combination of passion and hard work. Luna Craft is a completely human edited website of craft blogs, craft businesses, craft websites, everything in one place. Even more. A collection of craft tips, craft related information, that may be useful to craft people.

There are many, many more places where you can leave your website details or Misi Shop details for free. (I have left my shop details in so many places that I now have to Google myself to find them! :lol: :lol: )

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