25 Sep 2009

Back again!

I'm back again. I've been on a weeks' holiday and now I'm back to get creating again.It was a really enjoyable break with plenty of long walks and sitting around but I ate way too many sweets. These past two days I have been, currently am, on a diet of fresh apples and yogurts only to try and rest my gut. I've eaten far too much sugar. Hubby is carrying on as usual though.
Today I purchased a pattern from a shop on Etsy, for a wee mouse. The seller allows the mice to be sold at craft fairs and so once I have purchased the fabrics I need I will be making a few. Five, I think.
I have also made some more of the Knitters Ornamental Pins and am just about ready to photograph them and list them.
I have so many projects started that I keep losing track of what I'm doing!

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