25 Aug 2009


I had another sale on MISI!
My 'St Clements' TeaCosy sold. I'm going to knit another as I loved the colour combo'.

Managed to finish half, that's one garment, of the test knit. I've yet to pin and block but that should be straightforward enough. Also made the Poop Bag

for my Etsy customer and so that's another task completed.
Last evening I knitted two thirds of a dog coat in a lovely colour called Ginger and so that should be finished in the next two days.
Tomorrow though I want to put all of this aside and do some of my course work or that will be on my mind and become a nagging worry.

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  1. well done you!.. hey any advice for machine knitting??? Ive got one from my Aunty but looked at it and that was it lol


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