14 Jul 2009

Back in swing of things

I got back from our travels at 10.30pm on Friday 3rd July and I haven't had much of a chance before now to write in my Blog. I do hope some one is still following!

Anyway, I'm just getting back into the swing of things now, with Etsy and MISI that is.
Yesterday I sewed up three dog coats I knitted whilst away and I plan to list them on Etsy next week. I also knitted and crotcheted the caplet from the pattern I purchased from Berniolie. I have Bernadettes prior permission to list my work for sale on MISI but I won't do so yet as I need to find a lovely pin for my work to finish it off nicely.
I have also completed another Debi Birkin knitted toy since I've been home but this one is being put aside for the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal. (yes, I'm thinking about that already in July!!)

For free knitting patterns, for any knitters out there who would like to knit for a charity, take a look here.

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