28 May 2009

Custom Order

I was aked if I could knit a larger version on my Black Cat Handbag charms so that it was a toy, not a dangling charm. This is the one I came up with first of all but the customer wanted........

'circles' for eyes only.
Still not quite right as the toy needs to bigger. Bigger is on it's way....will be completed today!
And here she is.....

All three sizes together...the little one is mine and I use it which is why it is a little 'tatty'!!


  1. I Love it !! And I think I NEED one !!!
    I have to tell you though , that I prefer the original eyes !! Will you put the larger ones in your shop ?

  2. Love the spotted ribbon.
    This cat would make a great doorstop !

  3. YES !
    Straight onto MISI and got that cat !!

  4. These are lovely!! I wonder why the customer wanted circle eyes? I too preferred the original but a georgous cat anyway, Love it!! You could sell a 'family of cats' a set of 4 in varying sizes perhaps ? :)


Thank you for sharing your comments; I really do enjoy reading them : )