3 May 2009

Cross Stitch

For about eight to ten years I gave up knitting, shock horror!! I was too busy cross stitching....
A lot of what I stitched was given as gifts but I do have few of my efforts still around. The large one of the birds and ribbons, in the oval shaped mat, was a kit given to me by my colleagues when I left HPI way back in 1996. It is stitched on 16count Aida and the actual embroidery covers 10inches across and 16 inches deep. I forget how many colours and shades are in it but I stitched it over two or three years!! I did do others whilst still having this on the go. It hangs in my lounge as I love it.
The lady and the little boy is beautiful and that hangs in our bedroom as the colours work well in their and the hedgehog is in my 'computer/ study/TV room'...it's cute and I like it. The others are in a drawer under my bed.
Photos not great as all are framed in glass and I keep catching the reflections.

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  1. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of cross stitch, however I really love the woman and child one. It is really lovely!


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