14 Apr 2009

Getting Used to....

.....DH being unemployed is fairly difficult. We've lived together for twenty one years and in all that time he has been out all day working very hard indeed and now that he, along with many others at this time I know, has been laid off it is really odd having him around all day. I do quite like it but we're not on holiday. I have my normal routine of chores to do and I need my 'spare'time to craft.It's nice to be able to walk our dog together in an afternoon though. I don't want him getting depressed and I know that is a real possibility if he doesn't keep busy. Today he went along to an employment agency and they informed him that they haven't had any jobs in since the 14th January! We were shocked to find that out. He has sent an application off for another position today though....just hope there isn't another five hundred applicants all after the same job!
I have told him I can always teach him to use one of my knitting machines ; )

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