12 Apr 2009

Easter Weekend

I sincerely hope all of you who 'celebrate' Easter are having a Happy one. Time to yourself for a change maybe (?) or some quality time with a loved one.
Me and DH are off up the motorway today to visit my Dad and two of my siblings, for lunch which my Dad will be cooking...he is a way, way better cook than any of us.
As we, DH and me that is, were out at friends' last night and I 'over did' the red wine drinking, I seriously need a good meal today just to sober up a bit. I really don't drink much at all usually but I got carried away last night and so I do feel pretty rough this morning. I 'gyrated' out of bed at 6.30 this morning and managed to grab a pint glass and fill with water ...half a pint to go and then another I think!
Happy Easter everyone!

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