13 Feb 2009

Todays Plan of action

Sounds good that, as if I have a cunning plan. I don't, I hardly ever do....I just make it up as I go along. Today though I need to go back to yesterdays disastrous machine knitting attempt and put it right. Honestly any 'proper' machine knitters out there and by that I mean any one who machine knits who actually knows how to operate their Blessed machine, must be laughing behind their hands at me or even OUT LOUD!! My problem is I have never taken the time to 'learn' my machine thoroughly. I did my Diploma using my KH891, which I love, but since I purchased my KH950i and I spent a lot of money on it, I feel I should use that machine instead. When, I say when, I understand what I'm doing with all the switch settings etc I love this machine too, trouble is that doesn't happen too often. So, back to days plan of action; have breakfast, clear breakfast things away, general housework for an hour at most and then back to the knitting. I'm currently working on some new Poopa Scoopa Outer Carry Bags as I have just one left for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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