4 Feb 2009

Missing parcel

A customer of mine from my JingleBells shop didn't have her parcel arrive. The purchase was made before Xmas and I got it in the post around the 15th December. Anyway, I asked her in January if it had arrived and it hadn't. She asked me not to worry and that she felt it still may arrive and to leave it a week. I left it for ten days and then asked again...still no little mouse on her doorstep , so I sent her another one of the Basket Mice she had purchased.
My lovely customer left me feedback at the time saying it was not my fault her parcel didn't arrive but of course now that she has already left feedback for that purchase she can't add more, but as I'm so happy for her (and me) here is a copy of the Convo' she just wrote today;

Its here Its here Gracie has arrive safe and well just wish poppy would show if ever she does ill refund you She is so cute sitting here beside me with her cute basket and tail over the side with green bow i love her looks more lovely than in the photos if i can i may just get another they are so god dam cute
thanks again

I have omitted the ladies name deliberately.

4 February 2009 11:19am EDT

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  1. Well at least one arrived !
    I hope Poppy arrives soon.


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