9 Feb 2009

First Sale on Artfire

Had my first sale on Artfire this evening....one of the cute Puppies that I knitted from FuzzyMittens pattern.It's exciting getting that first sale but at the same time you think it's a flook and there won't be any more!

I've started to use Project Wonderful today too and am currently running three different ads. One for BlueShed on Etsy and two for my Artfire shop I registered with Project Wonderful nine months ago but haven't taken the time until now to look what it's all about and how it works...it's easy and that's a fact if I think so!

WELCOME TO MY THREE FOLLOWERS TOO I'm totally chuffed that people do turn up and read this from time to time. THANKS guys : )

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  1. Hope the puppy reaches his new home !
    Changed the background ??


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