24 Dec 2008

Staying Up

I feel like staying up to the wee small hours of the morning as I just have a need to get as much out of this Christmas as I possibly can. I love Christmas because I love the sentimentality of it. Too many people moan about the extra expense and extra work and I guess I have been guilty of that too....the work not the expense as I have a husband who pays for everything!(well I have)It grates me when I hear someone say, 'It'll be over in no time, don't know what all the fuss is about?'. It's true enough but at the same time, life is over 'in no time' too and all anyone does by talking about it coming and going is 'wishing it all away'. I have days I want to be over, I guess we all do sometimes, but I have reflected on days I've had like that and thought to myself that I should have looked at the day and it's problems differently. It's true the older you get the wiser you get, it's certainly happening for me that way. These thoughts have come about from thinking about this Blog and the fact that I have been writing it for well over a year now, I simply can't think where that time has gone. I know that's a cliche but it's a fact too and it does start me wondering what the next twelve months will hold. THEN I have to stop myself. WHY? because I am one of those people who constantly tries to live in the here and now-that's all we have -the here and now

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