22 Aug 2008

A very satisfied customer

and a lovely person too! Thanks Ria for giving me permission to use this photograph.

Ria, a buyer from Etsy asked if I could make her a Bobble Hat in Bottle Green with red Dachshunds on it, I'm pleased to say 'that was a 'yes' and it was a pleasure'.

This is the feedback Ria left me on Etsy;
Fabulous hat! Custom made on the day I ordered it!!!!
Thank you very much. This is my first Etsy experience and if this is anything to go by, consider me very excited!!!!!


  1. ahhh, look at me and my lovely hat!

  2. Nice Hat & what a wonderful customer sharing a photo of her wearing it for you!

    I love all the work you have gotten done! Want to come help me?!!


Thank you for sharing your comments; I really do enjoy reading them : )