13 Aug 2008

The dreaded Craft fairs!!

Honestly I'm in such a state. Panicking all of the time if I'll have enough goods on my stall in October. I've laid it all out this morning, well not all but the majority of it and if you can be bothered I'd love to know what you think. I'm not look for praise but for an opinion as to whether it looks any good and if I'll have enough items. i do have a few more bits ready and some almost finished too.


  1. I think it looks fine, there's lot's of different things there. I wouldn't like to say if you'll have enough items but you've certainly got a good selection.
    Good luck, I hope you manage to sell everything!

  2. Oh thank-you so much for leaving a comment and for the thoughts and the good wishes.
    I do have some more items which I've almost completed and a few multiples of some of the things laid out.
    Fingers crossed!


Thank you for sharing your comments; I really do enjoy reading them : )