28 May 2008


Why oh why can't people realise that when they are in the Promotions section of the Etsy forums, that to be fair, kind and respectful to other posters, they should go and look at the item being promoted and then comment on it? I picked up on a thread about Winged items, birds, butterflies etc, I went and viewed several..properly,returned to promotions time and time again to comment and yet NOT one person BOTHERED to view my new listing. What a bunch of @*!?~~##*& Makes me so cross because they are wasting their time and I'm certainly wasting mine!!

Anyway, this is what I was trying to promote. My newly finished trinket box.

1 comment:

  1. Your trinket box is too cute. :)

    Those promotional forums are crazy. I tried many times..... I do go and visit, but never seem to get many if any visits at mine.


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