10 May 2008

What next?

Think I may keep asking this question. I'm thinking out loud really. I have an apron two thirds finished at present, that's for me for wearing at the craft fairs but if I'm really pleased with, it when it's finished I may make another one, now I know what I'm doing, to go into Blueshedcrafts.
I also have that mohair cat to finish. I think it will be nice when it's finished but I really don't enjoy knitting with mohair. I have knitted a lovely turquoise cushion cover and I've put the zip in it but I haven't made the pad to go inside yet. Hoping to do that and get in in the shop by Monday. Watch this space, as they say.

I may have, finally, decided on a new digital camera. I so need one. I currently use the only digital camera I have ever owned which is several years old now. It doesn't have a macro setting which is something I could really do with. Anyway, I think I have settled on the Sony Cybershot T300. The reviews are very mixed but I love Sony products. My MP3 is a Sony and when I purchased that my DH tried to persuade me to by an iPod but I'm so happy I didn't.
If any one seriously knows why I shouldn't buy the T300 please leave a comment here. I'd appreciate the help guys.

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