21 May 2008

Oooooooooo those Bloody..

...Etsy Forums! Or the stupid people in them I should say. I've just spent five minutes there, no longer, I can't bear to be there any longer than that! One person asking what we all think of some creation of hers. I won't specify so you can't search her out, But talk about needing your ego stroked. JUST LIST IT!! Just put it in your shop and see if anyone buys it! Why do you feel the need to ask what we all think of it for goodness sake? Get a life!
Another thread, in fact two different threads on mis tagging. One person makes a valid point and three others jump on her for making it. It then turns into some cyber cat fight. Honestly.
Last but not least, Admin' ask whether or or not we knew about the facility we have available to search within someones' shop and she asks for a yes or no answer and some people have to write an essay on it. Amazing. JUST YES OR NO!!
I can't keep visiting the forums, I honestly believe that there is so much negativity there that they suck any creativeness out of me.

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  1. I agree with you. Some threads are really just for TO SAY SOMETHING, no matter what. They are empty :)


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