15 May 2008

New Camera

I have finally ordered myself a new digital camera. It's taken me months of tooing and froing, reading online reviews and asking opinions of people at Etsy to decide. I finally decided on the Sony H3. For looks it wasn't my favourite camera but according to everything I've read (a review)it will be the best camera I can afford for the job I need it to do. Mostly I'll use it for product shots for my shop. The camera I currently have is a Hewlett Packard Photo Smart 315. I've had it for several years and I won't be throwing it out. For an inexpensive camera it has served me very well. I mean, I wouldn't have been selling items on Ebay for the past five years without it or listing things on Etsy or have been able to display pictures here on my Blog. (I used to have another Blog before I had this one too)
Once it arrives and I have learnt how to use it correctly, I shall re shoot a lot of my shops' photos, as I'm well aware that many of them are blurry. This is mostly due to the fact that the Hewlett Packard does not have a macro setting.

Post script; just read a great article here which gives concise, east pointers for all of us product shooters on Etsy.

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