20 May 2008

Getting Jumpy

Daft really but I'm getting a little 'jumpy' this evening. It will be seven days tomorrow since something last sold from my shop, which is fine. I don't sell something every calendar week but on average about every 6-7 days as I said before. Anyhow, the reason I'm 'jumpy' is that my views seem to have slowed which seems really odd when I consider that I've been in the Forums just as often as usual, I'm still running an ad' on Majaba and I have increased my work with this Blog...Oh! and joined Your Handmade.ning. And, and I forgot to say that I have listed two new items and renewed one item having re taken the photos and spruced the little critter up with a new ribbon!
Oh well! It's in the lap of the Gods now. I can't do anymore than I've done and so only time will tell. Good thing is, if my items don't sell on Etsy, I'll have tons to take to the Craft Fairs.

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