7 Mar 2008

Oh Dear......

.....guess I have lost any regular readers I had? I hope I haven't but if I have then I have only myself to blame. I've been busy! I'm too busy to Blog at present as I'm doing extra work at the Charity Shop as I'm needed (nice to be needed but I don't really have the time) and I'm making items for the Craft Fairs. I kinda wish I wasn't going to do the Craft Fairs now as they are dominating my life. I'm just not very quick at making anything, find it hard to stay focused and truly believe however much I make I won't have enough stock. Not because I think I'm going to 'sell out' just that I don't think I can make enough to start with. I've been awake since 0200 this morning and out of bed for almost an hour now. It's still only 03.51 and I could really do with the sleep but I seriously can't switch off from knitting. It's driving me mad!!
I had an Etsy sale yesterday which was nice. Another machine knitted mouse. A special order for a lady in the USA, for her son. I worked at the Charity Shop from 9-12.30, came home had my lunch and then got on and made the mouse and now it's all packed up and ready to send off today. I have also had an Etsy sale today too. Another mouse, but this time a catnip mouse.( Picture above) Sewn, not knitted.

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  1. I love the pink mouse.
    I hope you can sell more and more :)


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