2 Jan 2008

Back to the knitting machine

I managed to get back to my knitting machine yesterday and again today. I was beginning to think I'd never find the time again. Mind you I did get up at 5.15 this morning and here I am now Blogging at 10.05pm. I have a 'new' item to list on etsy tomorrow but it will be later in the day as I'm off to the gym again at 6.30am and then from there to my voluntary job until 12.30. Once I've got in and seen to my dogs and cat, got myself something to eat...not too much...New Years diet and all that!...well, it will probably be nearer 3pm before it's listed. I do love what I have made though. You'll have to come back here to see it on mini etsy or visit my shop of course.

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