14 Dec 2007

Two mornings on

Well I got the hats made! I'll be putting two new hats, with Labrador motifs, on Etsy later today. It's still too dark to take any photos this morning and so I can't do it just yet.
The book cover isn't going well. I have some redesigning to do there. Shame really because the embroidery side of it is great, I really like it, it's just that it won't cover the book very well. A tad too small. BUT I should be able to rectify that....if I have the patience.

Sold another dog coat yesterday evening which is just brilliant. I seriously need to make a few more items though or I'll have an empty shop soon. Well, slight exaggeration there but you know what I mean.
I do have some nice children's mittens which I have hand knitted and I think 'll put those on Etsy too,later. I tried selling them at the Craft event a couple of weekends ago but no luck and so I may as well pop them into my shop.

Another busy day ahead today. I'm going for a five mile walk in the Woodford Valley with my friend, my dog and her dog. We'll stop for lunch at the pub half way round of course, as you do. Once I get back here I'd best get my photos taken and my hats put on Etsy and then I'd best do some ironing. Whoopee do! Can't wait to do the ironing!

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