7 Dec 2007

Too much time online

I'm spending far too much time online either on the Etsy forum pages, Ebay or here. I really ought to be creating something in my lovely craft room. Trouble is I don't really have enough time to 'get stuck in' and so I find my mind keeps wandering and I hear myself thinking about what else I should be doing.
I did start to make some corner bookmarks earlier this evening and then I had to stop to cook our evening meal. Since then I've been in the Etsy forums promoting my shop. In particular I want my Christmas Goods to go. I mean I won't, neither will anyone else, have any need for them after Christmas. I have a great deal on at the moment;
a) I've reduced the prices considerably and
b) I'm offering a FREE fridge magnet with each Christmas stocking or Christmas Decoration, until supplies on longer allow, of course.
I did have an enquiry, very early this morning, asking whether I could put a child's' name on one of the stockings. Well I can and I answered the question in some detail but as yet I have not heard back.


  1. i'm trying to move my christmas stock too!!! Operating a business for profit, especially around the holiday season is hard........ you'd think all your friends and family will shop from you .......haha

  2. It's hard work alright, but fun too!


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