8 Dec 2007

How Exciting!

I've just learnt that I will have my shop 'featured' on someone else's Blog! Don't know anything more now but will find out more later. I can't wait....can you?

Sunday MorningI'm adding this little note here as I was feeling a little daft for saying that I was to be 'featured' on someone else's Blog. I took a look at the Blog and my shop banner is shown and the shop URL. I wouldn't called this 'featured' as such and so I just checked the wording in the original Forum and it did say 'featured'. Just wanted my Blog readers and kind commenter's to know that I wasn't trying to mislead.

Here's the link to the Blog and I sincerely thank the Blog owner for displaying my details;


  1. That's awesome! Congratulations :) I'm linking your blog and your etsy (via a blog post later today) if that's alright!

    Robin Lynne

  2. Alright? Of course it's alright, I'm grateful for the interest. Thank-you Robin.


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